How Do The Custom Plans Work?


Our Custom Diet Plans and Custom Diet & Training Plans are tailored to fit your specific fitness goals. The custom plans are created by Vince and your assigned trainer, using the answers you provide us by filling out a detailed questionnaire after making your custom plan purchase. We will go through each and every detail to make sure we customize the plan to your specific goals.


Custom Diet Plans:

  • You fill out a detailed questionnaire. Tell us your fitness goals, body type, food preferences, fitness level, etc.
  • We analyze your answers and create a detailed one-month plan and get it to you within 48-72 hours
  • Your plan comes with an exact shopping list, cooking instructions, and food substitutions
  • You also get a client-initiated weekly check-in with your personal trainer
  • In addition, you also receive email support to tweak or answer any questions about your plan.


Custom Diet & Training Plans - in addition to the custom diet plan: 

  • You will be provided a detailed step-by-step workout program. All you have to do is follow it and enjoy the results.
  • We’ll tell you exactly what to do in the gym
  • What muscles to work, in what order, with what exercises, and on what days
  • We’ll tell you how many reps to do and even how long to rest in between sets


If you have purchased a custom plan:

Please be sure to fill out your custom plan questionnaire (with the email used during your purchase) by visiting the link below and using the login information you received in your email. Once the custom plan questionnaire is complete, your assigned trainer will get back to you via email with your new custom plan within a couple of days (or less) so you can get started. Please be sure to check your spam or junk folders in your email so you don't miss our emails.


If you have not purchased custom plan:

You will have a trainer every step of the way to keep you motivated and guide you step-by-step. Our custom plans are tailored to fit your specific fitness goals. The plans are created by Vince and your assigned trainer using the details you provide us through filling out a detailed questionnaire after purchase. We will literally tell you what to eat and when and exactly what workouts, sets, and reps we want you to do each day. You can blindly follow it and stop stressing.

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