What Is A Circuit?

Question: What is a circuit and why would it help me?

Answer: A circuit is doing 3 or more exercises back-to-back with no rest. Circuits can help increase muscular endurance. It can also cut down time you spend in the gym by doing more exercises without as much rest. It will keep your heart rate elevated for the entire workout, which burns more overall calories and body fat.

For example, if your custom exercise plan calls for:

Jump squats
 - 3 sets of 15

 - 3 sets of 15

Jumping jacks
 - 3 sets of 15

You will do the jump squats for 1 set of 15, then go directly into push ups for 1 set of 15, and then right into jumping jacks for 1 set of 15.

After you complete all 3, rest for 60-90 seconds and go back through 2 more times to complete 3 total sets of the circuit.

Our custom fitness plan guides you through which circuit would be most effective for your body time and macro goals, all designed for you by one of our trainers.

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