What Is Carb Cycling And How Can I Apply It?


What is carb cycling and do the programs and how can I apply it?



Carb cycling is a technique that allows you to vary your carbohydrate intake, through different cycles on different days, in order to change your body's expectations. This allows you to break through your diet or fitness plateau.


Our V Shred App comes with a Macro Calculator that will provide information on your macros based on your inputs. By default, carb cycling is OFF, but you can clickthrough Low, Med, High to alternate between those days.


We offer a few different programs to suit your needs. When you open your 90 day plan (fat loss extreme or toned/ripped in 90), open step #2, and this is where you will find our basic approach that is great for beginners. This shows you how to calculate your calories and use recipes we provide to hit and not exceed those calories.

For our most advanced system: When you open your 90 day plan, scroll down to where it says After 90 days > Advanced Dieting: Carb Cycling. Here you will find all the info on carb cycling to use moving forward. This will show you how to calculate all your macros for a carb cycle diet.

Ripped in 90 Days - Carb Cycling - Mobile

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